Tomorrow, we will make the logical conclusion available for E-Learning Playbook PLR.  We created a 2 hour and 30 minute upgrade (edited for PLR) of the original course. 
1.) We will be adding in the E-Learning Playbook upsell page
2.) All four PowerPoint scripts
3.) Full converted hand transcriptions of the course 

We will also be adding in to the PLR version, three over-the-shoulder instructional video courses.  These are courses that I personally created.  They are: 
1) 20 videos on Amember
2) 20 videos on Wishlistmember
3) 20 videos on Zapier 

You get resell rights to these videos along with the live content that I did in the Hackathon.  I’ll be releasing that course to you on Saturday. This course will be automatically added to Ultimate Insiders along with this month’s course called Sales Funnel Playbook PLR (to be added next week).  Get signed up to Ultimate Insider here: 

Or if you want to learn more about what we do go here: 

Lessons Learned 

This week I did several sessions of my local meetup using some of the Live content that I had from my PLR Experts days. What I noticed was that I still had to adapt this content to ‘civilians.’  A 30-minute session that I would teach to you will probably need to be stretched out with more explanations to 45 minutes or maybe even an hour. 

I also figured out where the technical content fits in the offers that you and I are doing.  And, still, the Learning Center is the absolute best way to put them in place. That said, you can figure this out for your niche if you’re doing a weekly workshop as I am teaching in Workshop Revolution. You can still get in as we are working now through week two.  (If you’re an Ultimate Insider, you already have this live course…check your September folder). Get this month’s Hackathon here:  

Price Increases on Saturday 

On Saturday, I will be increasing the pricing on Virtual Summit Playbook PLR.  With all of the Summits that I see, it’s clear that this is the season where people will want to know more about it. I will be adding the basic and advanced version of Zoom (2018-2019 version…not the 2020 version that I recently did).  To get it at its current pricing go here: