Tonight I will teach in my local Meetup to pre-sell our mobile and social branding Playbook.   Even though I am still waiting for the graphics from my designer, I’ve decided to go ahead anyway. In February, I did two separate video courses–Clubhouse: 


And I will be uniting, promoting and pre-selling them in tonight’s webinar.  I’m not sure how I will structure the offer. I will be giving beta access of my presentation to Ultimate Insiders including the transcript, the presentation and video.  This will eventually be part of the public release of Xtreme 2.0. 

In this evening’s newsletter, I will give you access to the live stream where you can attend.  The live session will be available at 8:30 PM EST.    Remember the idea is more for you to see how you can pre-sell your own PLR. So, whether you attend live or watch the replay, use it to get ideas on how to form your own weekly training and how to pre-sell your own offers.  To become an Ultimate Insider, go here: 

Looking For a Good Excuse 

I have been looking for an excuse to give you access to the one and only set of whiteboard PLR videos that I have ever done.  There are 9 of them on the subject of strategic marketing. You’ll get access to them when you get Aurelius Tjin’s Power of Focus PLR package. You will get: 
9 Videos
9 Companion Audios
9 Scripts
9 Articles 

I realize they don’t match the subject, but you’ll be able to find a use for the content.  Go here to get this package plus Aurelius’ PLR. 

Note: If you were going to get this anyway, it’s a no-brainer.  If you don’t see yourself using this content…there will be other opportunities for me to give you access to these whiteboard videos later on in the spring. Go here: