Your PLR Offers Will Practically
Set Themselves Up...

Once You Know The Process...You'll Know
Where You Can Save Time and Be More Effective

Does This Sound Familiar?

  • Buying PLR Offers and Having Them Sit and Sit and Sit?
  • Opening Your PLR Download and Staring at Your Computer Screen?
  • Getting training on Traffic and then Having no offer of your own?
  • Relying Totally on Affiliate Offers Which Builds other people's business but not yours...

Sure, Outsource...But What Will You Tell Them To Do?

Why not just outsource the set up?  Well because, you need to know what to tell them to do and what not to do....You need to know what's reasonable in terms of time and what isn't.  And there really isn't any way to tell unless you at least know the process.

And You Only Need to Learn it Once...

But once you know the process, you can do it for yourself, you can do it for others for a fee, you can adapt it for different situations.  But really, once you learn it and once you know it, you won't have to re-learn it again.


The Mystery Will Be Over...

  • Finally Get Your Offers Customized and Hosted
  • Reduce the Stress In Using PLR to Make Sales
  • Eliminate The Hard Drive Full of PLR Syndrome

What Will You Be Mastering?

  • 5 Recorded Streaming Live Webinars Going Over the Set Up Process
  • Streaming Recordings Available 24 Hours a Day 7 Days A Week
  • Bonus Content To Get The Process Down

Sessions Include....

Practice with A Bonus Video Course With Full PLR Rigths

Here's What You're Getting When You Purchase PLR Set Up Masterclass Today...

  • Training To Organize The PLR Set Up Process

    Your Set Up Will Be 10X Easier if You’re At This Session.

  • Webinars Taught By a PLR User and a PLR Creator

    Because we’re users of PLR and creators of PLR we have a unique perspective on the processes that can help you to turn your purchase into real income.

  • Flexible Replay System

    Each of the four training sessions will come with their own Private Replay area.  You’ll be able to watch them over and over again