One of the things that Dan Kennedy and people who follow his advice talk about is changing your mind to leap frog into the niche instead of climbing the ladder.

That means that instead of “paying your dues”, you assume a leadership position in the sub-niche.  Even as a supposed unknown.

Personally, I think we need to do both.  

We pay our dues by creating regular content and training.

But we also need to constantly find ways to leap frog and assume leadership.

Take note of how people are doing this now.  They’re doing Virtual Summits.  Given the popularity of these, I realize that when I did my PLR package…I was way ahead of my time.

And it’s now way too cheap (courses on how to do it range from $397 to $1997).   So, I’ve decided to go up on the price again.

That’s fair warning…

So, if you want to teach Virtual Summits or you want to do one, use our package here.

(Note this is based on my experience of having done Virtual Summits of my own)

Our Most Recent PLR Release

Our most recent PLR release is 30 days of sessions that you can use in order to teach a process of re-making videos.

But it’s also about online brand building and the steps needed to do them.

But I’ve decided to give you unrestricted rights to the package too.
Go here to get full access:

Personal Nichework

Laurel and I have been working more to get into our own niche and do our own leap frogging.

And granted, it isn’t easy.

First, we’re not known here in Harrisburg or Central PA to teach business technology.  We’ve not been out and about much.

Secondly, we’ve also got deep experience as boarding school houseparents/homeschoolers that is directly relevant to this time we’re living in. 

There is a series of infoproducts in us that we could literally sneeze (no pun intended) and it would come spilling out.  And while it would be easy to release as PLR, it’s more lucrative to test the waters to see if there is a way to develop or influence the market.

In both cases…drinking our own champagne and following what we taught here will have the biggest impact:

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