Today, as promised, I just released a new course to you.  It’s an over-the-shoulder tutorial course.   The subject is Preparing your Videos for Resale (PVFR). This will teach your customers how to take rebrandable or PLR videos to re-make them, personalize and customize them.  There are probably some methods here that you’ve not yet taught.   At least two of them are ways I’ve not taught publicly before. This course is an update to the 30 Day Video Reseller Challenge, which is a live PLR course. However, you don’t need that course to use today’s release (PVFR).  It stands on it’s own.  And you can use it all by itself.   Get it here: 

Course Is Available in Two Places for Ultimate Insiders 

If you are an Ultimate Insider, the course is now available in your January 2021 folder.  You can access it there. I’ve also included the link to 30 Day Video Reseller Challenge in case you don’t already have it. I will be updating that course with a new sales page so that you can use PVFR as an upsell. 

Lastly, you can go to your Insider Only learning center in Teachable and you can stream the course as a convenience.   This part of the course is only available to Ultimate Insiders. This is beneficial to you because you can watch the course a few times so that you can determine how to market it to your niche. And with Teachable, you can access this content using your Desktop or their Mobile App. If you’re not yet an Ultimate Insider, it’s the best way to experience and use our PLR Videos.   Go here to get signed up: 

Easter Eggs in PVFR 

There are plenty of ‘Easter Eggs’ in the course.   If you have our course on Teachable, there is an opportunity for you to sell that course in the context of PVFR. If you have our E-Learning Playbook and you’re using it as your own course, there are multiple opportunities for you to direct people to the link where you have that course available. And of course, if you already have the 30 Day Video Reseller Challenge, you can use this course: 
1) As an Upsell
2) As a Follow Up Course 
So, this will course will give additional sales opportunities with the PLR you already have from us.  Go here to get PVFR: