Right now, I am working on giving you access to the next title which is going to be YouTube Live, then Thinkific. I just finalized the last of the Learning Center for the outsourcers to finish.  

That leaves me no time to do a demo for this cloud based video platform which, according to the creator (I had an extended chat with her on Messenger), would be perfect for our purposes of creating a Learning Center.  

It does require you to get the first and second upgrade, if you want to: 
1) Use videos that are unlisted on YouTube or the Vimeo Platform
2) Create a payment gateway for people to have access to your platform
3) Boot people that stop paying you for monthly access 

If all you really want to do is to use it for YouTube videos, you’ll be fine with the first level.  (Note, though, that the rights to our video content do not allow for you to use the videos in that way.) It’s a pretty innovative concept and we have been telling you this since the beginning of 2020, that you need to be thinking: 
1) Streaming
2) Choice 

In the same way “Netflix’ does…. 

What I am doing is allow you to choose two of my PLR Experts titles if you pick up the basic version.  I’ll give you the advanced version of the PLR if you get any of the upgrades. Write me in Support or reply to this email with your receipt. Get the platform here: 

Kevin’s Most Recent PLR Checklists 

I also will not have time to do a full review of Kevin Fahey’s most recent checklists.  As I understand it, it’s all about creating review sites. I’ve looked in my inventory and I do have Clickbank Videos. So, get his checklists here and I will give you access to my 20 over-the-shoulder tutorial videos on Clickbank. Go here to get both: 

Ebook PLR: Review Completed 

I did actually complete a resource review for the most recent E-Book PLR released by Firelaunchers.   We added in two over-the-shoulder video courses on Warrior Plus as part of our additional resources. If you pick up their back end, we’ll give you the advanced version of both courses. To get all of the content, go here: 

Up Next 

We are going to be in an all out sprint for November and December now that our Membership Site is complete and our Learning Center is pretty much complete (in the hands of outsourcers). Next up will be both YouTube Live and Thinkific. These will get delivered first to Ultimate Insiders and will be released to the community. Over the next couple of days, I will release the tutorial videos showing you how to use the Learning Center.   To get everything early to use for yourself, get signed up as an Ultimate Insider here: