The next title we will be releasing will be a single title this week either on Tuesday or Wednesday, and the subject is Clubhouse.  We’ve completed the 20+ over-the-shoulder videos and will deliver them to Ultimate Insiders late Monday or early Tuesday.  

Most recently, we told you about an 8-video mini-course we did on Facebook Live explaining the technical portion of the process that’s not in the course from Sajan and Justin. Get our 8 videos plus his course here:

Last of our PLR Updates 

Last last week, we released the last of our PLR video updates. This is one that you can use to teach your customers how to set up their educational workshop for traffic leads and sales. As usual, we didn’t teach the vague theory portion, but focused on the harder more technical set up. This course will be available until we launch the Clubhouse videos.  Afterward, they will only be available to Ultimate Insiders or part of our new live combo product. Go here to get it:

After Clubhouse – Two Requests 

Our Ultimate Insider group has made two requests.  I will be releasing both of them this month.  One is TikTok; the other I am only disclosing to Insiders. The easiest way to get everything when it is released AND do a title request is become an Ultimate Insider. And I also still look very closely at our PLR video survey all of the time.  Go here to sign up as an Ultimate Insider: 

Go here to tell us what you’d like to see: