Your time is golden.  And you probably know that when you decide to do something…your time goes by super fast.  Decide you want to do a launch, you don’t have enough time to get it done.  Decide you want to work for a client or do coaching, they’ll take up more time than you have. 

You get some of that time back by working with vendors you can trust.  The truth of the matter is that, no matter who you are, if you’re an information marketer you will NOT have time to thoroughly check every thing that everybody does. 

So, when it comes to written content, I save time by recommending Tiffany Lambert.  I don’t have to read everything in her products to know that they are well researched and meticulously written.   And Laurel and I respect her because like us, she creates her own product and doesn’t outsource it.  

Rare in our space. 

So, I found my best bonus for written content and reconstituted it for her most recent release.  I’ll put it in the check in area for you to access here…. You’ll see I used it for a bigger project before, but Tiffany’s content is worth the additional resources:

Learned from one of our Community Members 

Someone wrote me yesterday to let me know that the download for the video that I gave to you may have not worked properly. So…embarrassed, I have uploaded a new video. So, if you saw degraded picture, it has now been corrected.   But I really didn’t make a big deal about it so you may not have even seen it or downloaded it.  Basically it was a video of our upcoming launch.  Go here to see it and then get the new file:

Learned from yesterday’s Monthly Ultimate Insider Call 

Yesterday, we had an hour long Q and A, which we do monthly.  And I found out that members are using Kaptiwa for their learning center.

And I also found out that the coupon code that gives you the back door price still works.   So, when you get to the page, you’ll need to use the code to get 67% off: 

For the Starter Plan use “kaptiwastartvip”
For the Commercial Plan use “kaptiwaprovip”

Learned on My Own 

Also while on the call and doing a demo last night, I saw something that really wasn’t new to me.   That the dashboards of Kapitwa and Maxdrive work together.  So that if you have the login to one the other can be added to you. 

What I’ve decided to do is to add on bonuses that I placed for Vidyz to Max Drive.  Since these dashes work together and the coupon code is still available, it’s more efficient to use these together. So, here is where you’ll see I’ve added additional video course with transferable PLR rights as part of the bonus. Go here to get the additional resources:

Personal Note  

Yesterday, I was about to do one of those natural healing gallbladder cleanses.  Then my second sense told me to look to see if there was something more topical. Now when I tell you this…know that I am not Mr. Natural/Organic. I work at stuff until I find something. So, I’ve ordered something that wasn’t around when I first experienced a gallbladder attack.  And what’s amazing to me is how trusting I was of the reviews. I didn’t even process it…I took the comments as fact. 

I said all that to say, I could use your help for something similar. Laurel and I together are taking our PLR content into the _________ niche and I am taking it into our local business market.   And I could use a shout out from you in our shout out tool. And your beautiful face will appear on our sales pages along with any nice thing that you say about our teaching and/or content.   And sure, if I do a PLR project….it could appear there also.  But it’s mainly for what I am doing locally with our PLR and training and what Laurel’s doing.  Please go here and if you’ve benefited from our training and/or content, give us a few words of encouragement: