Today, as promised, I am going to give you some ideas on how to set up your list and audience to get ready for your Learning Center offer.  First though, I want to tell you about an offer released by Aurelius Tjin on the subject of Social Media. I was able to find a course with Full PLR Rights and Transcripts on the subject of Twitter that you can use with this course.  I have also provided you with a second course when you get the back end. Go here to get the offer:

E-Learning Playbook Upgrade 

On Monday, I will release to you an Upgrade for E-Learning Playbook.  This will be an over-the-shoulder tutorial version of the course, which you have been asking me to do. Since I am turning this into a level 2 video PLR course, I need to go ahead and do this ahead of Mailchimp, which will be a week later.  The entire course is lecture based.  And yes, I did remove all personal references, as I do realize that you may want to use it to teach and it’s easier with a neutrally referenced over-the-shoulder video. This version of E-Learning Playbook will go to Ultimate Insiders, of course at no additional charge. 

If you don’t have the original E-Learning Playbook Live, you’ll have the opportunity to get it along with the “Hands On” live version in the funnel. The easiest and most cost effective way to get everything is to become an Ultimate Insider.  That way, you’ll get this upgrade as well as Mailchimp when released. Plus you’ll get Thinkific which was released in late November. Go here to get signed up:

Setting Up People For Your Learning Center – My Local Workshop Session 

If you want to get people warmed up to hear about your Learning Center, you can use my example of one way to do it. I uploaded my session from Tuesday for you to watch it to get ideas on how you want to do it.  (Ultimate Insiders already have the presentation and transcript in their December Member area to use.) Go here to watch the session and get ideas:

PS: This is one aspect of the new kind of training that I am doing.  Even though this training isn’t telling you WHAT to do, it is demonstrating one way HOW, which you can tweak and use as your own.  If you want the training materials to make it easier, all you have to do is to become an Ultimate Insider.