The next title we’re working hard to get to you will be Etsy (then Teachable after that).  I’ll tell you more about that in this evening’s newsletter.  

Today, I wanted to tell you about Francis Ochoco’s most recent video PLR release. It’s different in that I don’t really know much about the subject. Typically, I’ll read through a guide or watch a course. But this time, I am not able to. 

I do have a 21 video course that I bought the rights to that I will give you access to.  It comes with resell rights, which means you can use it in your promotion. You’ll have to make sure you know the subject before you get ready to sell it. So, if that’s your intent, make sure to watch our videos and Francis’s videos.  Go here to get both sets:

Did You Hear My Interview with Dave? 

Dave Espino is an interesting dude. I actually bought his eBay infomercial course back in the day (I have always been an infoproduct “true believer”). He’s hooked up with a dude that knows how to use LinkedIn to get to people that want “stuff.” I decided to add in some resources when you get it.  Listen in here then get the guide:

Our Videos With No Restrictions We recently unrestricted the rights to our videos for you to use them along with the “at home” PLR package recently released. Together they give you options in terms of how you either want to sell or present the content. Go here and get our resources:

Personal Note 

I finally purchased a “new” (to me) computer.   And, I’ve actually been having quite a time “moving in.” The problem is that I wanted to have a computer that was a throwback with lots of memory.  Not easy to find, but one that will do the job to record all of the videos I want to do over the next 2-3 years. 

After this, I want to hang up my spurs, so to speak, in terms of recording videos.  I am now on the lookout for a British or Aussie version of me to take over when I’m done. In any case, all of this will make sense if you’ve been through E-Learning Playbook.   If you haven’t you’ll think I’m talking “out the side of my neck.” Go here to so that you will know for certain, I’m not crazy.  Get it, write back and tell me what you think: