There are several strategies for PLR–as many as there are creators.  If you’ve been listening over the last 4 months, you know that I’ve been teaching Learning Centers and continuity as laid out in E-Learning Playbook.  If you don’t have it, get it here (and teach it to your customers too): 

For E-Learning Playbook, you need multiple products to make it work

For example, you could use a course like our Zoom PLR and create a front end offer.  Then use your Learning Center as the upsell. You’d then use the advanced version of Zoom as your downsell.  Get Zoom PLR here:  

You Need a Traffic Source You Control 

You need to find and direct the right people into your marketing funnel to respond to your offers.  Last week, Dave Espino and I talked about how you could use LinkedIn this way. Listen in here then get the guide:  

(Expiring) You Need Breadcrumbs to Bring People to You 

The way to get people warm to your offer is to guide them there through what’s already on their mind. We’ve unrestricted the rights to our content when you get the PLR whose launch price is expiring at midnight EST. Get both here: