Today, I looked at my funnel related inventory of video PLR that I could add to Francis’ release today and there are three courses with full rights: 
1) Smart OTO Blueprint (8 videos + sales materials)
2) Survey Funnel Blueprint (8 videos + sales materials)
3) Sales Funnel Fast Track (8 videos + sales materials) 

These 3 courses were originally recorded by Stephen Luc who has now retired as a creator.  He is one of the “OG”s of video PLR. All three courses will be downloadable for you when you pick up Francis’ funnel related content:

Hopefully You Didn’t Miss Getting Our Canva Content 

I hope you didn’t miss our Canva content, which we made available this week.   These are all of the presentation slides and hand transcriptions that you can use to create your own videos for your own courses or YouTube. The unique thing about these slides is that they aren’t the typical research text based slides. They are contextual slides from an over-the-shoulder instructional tutorial video course.  20 slide sets come from a basic course and 20 slide sets come from an advanced course. This was something I was asked to do when I was with PLR Experts but couldn’t because of my production schedule. Go here to get it all: 

Or you can get everything in the funnel including the Canva content as well as our upcoming course on Streamyard by becoming an Ultimate Insider. Go here in order to get signed up:

One Solution for DFY Video PLR Found 

In terms of being able to offer you a hosted solution, ready to go with the videos already in place…none of the platforms (Teachable, Thinkific, etc.) are willing to make accommodations in order to do what I’d like to do. With the improvements made by Sameer and Madhav I think we now have a solution for you for me to figure out how to make sure that the PLR you get from us can be ready to sell. For this, I can overcome my on the record sentiments about all in one platforms.   

If you are already an Ultimate Insider, you have as one of your member benefits (as long as licenses last…and they are evaporating) access to CoachZippy. That means that I can deliver a course to you via a share code.  So, you can then tweak and rebrand CoachZippy to deliver your course. This is something that you could very easily turn into a Learning Center without a lot of work.   It will take me some time to explain to outsourcers exactly what to do, but I will soon have all of our 2020 courses available by share code for Ultimate Insiders. It’s possible that I will make them available to the PLR Show Community too.  If you have CoachZippy, you will benefit. Candidly, though, their tutorials aren’t what I’d like them to be.  So, I will be doing a set for you myself. Be on the lookout for developments on this.  Even if I never hear from the folks at Mintware, I could implement a solution for you tomorrow.   The platform integrates with Zapier and has what it needs.   

Note One, I am also looking in to Groove Funnels but have not heard back from them.
Note Two, Two of our Ultimate Insiders are developing course platforms.  I will be reaching out to them soon about this.

New Written PLR From Tiffany Lambert Added to the Page 

Today, I have added a new offer from Tiffany Lambert to the page of her limited written offers. This is the easiest way for me to keep track of them for you. Even though putting them on one page may be a little off putting. That said, she is now producing content limited to 50 only. That means that it’s possible that you will visit a link and then find that the PLR is now “invalid page”. That means that she’s sold all 50. Go here to get her latest: