Since there is a new PLR release from Francis today, I want to give you some insight on ways you can (and should) fully leverage Video PLR.  What I am going to do is to give you my 20 Clickbank over the shoulder videos with resell rights and video course with full PLR rights on Affiliate marketing recorded by Stephen Luc, here:

Best Way: Create a Marketing Asset 

Regardless of whether you choose to repackage, bundle, and sell, you can have a video Learning Center/Academy.  You can use it to indoctrinate…ahem, re-educate your customer to your ways. You keep adding your video PLR that is of the highest instructional quality, and for the privilege, you ask people to pay you a subscription. For this you need a consistent level of video content which we give to you as an Ultimate Insider. I’ve already created a Learning Center which is now available with over 100 of my personally created courses.  They’re all streamable from your mobile device using the Teachable App or conveniently from your web browser. Go here in order to get my version of a learning center:

2nd Best Way: Create a Demonstration Style Product 

If you already read this far, it will be worth your time to think through this. Most people won’t do this, but if you get it, it will differentiate you.  Let’s say that you picked up our most recent project–our 20 over-the-shoulder PLR videos on the online course platform Thinkific. Use those videos to teach something like how to create a product. You’ve probably seen an “unboxing” video on YouTube.  Well, you’re basically doing the same thing with video PLR. (Obviously, I don’t want you to copy MY training…I don’t give rights to it unless you’re an Ultimate Insider.) 

If you think about it…all of the stuff that I teach you on the download page and in my YouTube channel for free are things that people do want to know. So, take a PLR product, rebrand it, walk through the entire process of rebranding it and getting it ready for sale.  Post THAT video to YouTube.  Tell them if they want to see you do another “virtual unboxing” that they must subscribe.  Then, once they are on your list…keep them entertained, inspired and informed. Go here to get the Thinkific PLR and training content as an Ultimate Insider: