The next two titles for us will be Etsy and Teachable, as I mentioned earlier.  And of course, at least one of these will be added to Ultimate Insider.  The other will be discounted 20% for you (Basic and Advanced) if you are an Insider. 

(Get ready for the new Ultimate Insider YouTube channel!) 

I have already completed the basic version and will be finishing up the advanced level today, so it will be ready for you early next week.   The formal announcement will be tomorrow.   I will also give you the chance to win a copy of Teachable…even if you are not an Insider. 

New PLR Videos From Francis 

Francis Ochoco released a set of videos that when he told me about them, I was a little surprised.  But at the same time I was actually pretty excited because I have had a bonus set of content that I’ve not been able to do anything with. Finally, now…a direct match with the PLR. It’s a 21 video set + companion PDF guide which you can find out more about here:

Have You Figured Out How to Get Traffic From LinkedIn? 

It is a bit of a mystery,I must admit. That said, Dave Espino sat down with me the discuss what he and a partner have been doing with a new format. You can listen in on the conversation here. Once you’re done, make sure that you look closely at our additional resources that we’re doing with Dave’s guide.

Restriction Free PLR Videos 

In case you missed it we have cut our videos loose from their restriction and given you unlimited rights. But that’s only when you get them as part of our recommendation.   There are 25 total and the running time for the course is 1 hour 34 minutes.  It gives you lots of options to use with your content. Go here to get them and the PLR: 

Tonight’s Open Session 

Last night, GoToWebinar did not cooperate with me to do the Advanced Webinar for Microsoft Teams. I hate doing lonely webinars, so I am going to open the live session up to anyone that wants to attend. The replay will be edited for PLR use for you on the Advanced Teams download page.   You can get the advanced version of Teams on the download page of the Basic version if you don’t have it. Tonight, we’ll be on Zoom at 8 PM EST. Go here to be on there live: