This week while working on Streamyard PLR I’ve added branding for Clubhouse and TikTok.  These are two step-by-step, over-the-shoulder video courses with hand transcript and additional slides. That means that you still have a plain sales page, but for both courses you have the Mobile and Social Branding Playbook that my designer put together. As more relevant titles come to the public, you’ll be able to add to your series on mobile and social platforms for business owners.   If you already have one or both titles, I’ve already added them to the download page.  You don’t have to rebuy them.   If you don’t have them get Volume One – Clubhouse:

Volume Two – TikTok: 

The best way to get them both is to be an Ultimate Insider.  That way you would have them as part of the February Content and get even more in March.  Go here to get signed up:

Are You Doing Your Workshop For Traffic and Content? 

If you have been seeing some of the links I’ve given you for webinars I have been doing, it may be a little confusing.  The training doesn’t seem to be teaching how to “rebrand, repurpose and resell PLR.” That’s because I’ve covered that over the years in detail.  It’s in our free streaming PLR Academy as well as on our YouTube channel. I’ve been at IM since 2007.  And I’ve consistently seen three things in terms of PLR: 

1) Most people believe that if they don’t hurry and launch on Zoo/W+, the story is over with PLR; they fail to see how small the MMO market is and how big the rest of the market for information is. 

2) Most marketers concern themselves with the rebuilding and rebranding the PLR process, FIRST.  They get everything done and then struggle with making sales with it because they don’t know where the people are going to come from. 

3) Most marketers are stuck when it comes to building a list IF that list isn’t other MMO people in the Zoo/W+ world.  They don’t know if they really want to sell to other marketers or not; in many cases, they don’t. 

Are you in category #1, #2, #3 or all three? (Feel free to hit reply and write back if this resonates). One thing I’ve always wanted to do was to be able to demonstrate what I have said you should be doing to sell your PLR offers.  And I’ve made sure to spend at least some of my time talking to you if you don’t want to launch and compete in the Zoo/W+ world. 

As I do more onboarding calls with Ultimate Insiders, it seems there are more of you than I originally thought. So, these webinars that I invite you to are an example of what I think you should be DOING to build your list, audience and your brand.  If you learn stuff from them, that’s secondary. Soon, I will make the live workshop powerpoints and transcripts available to you in Xtreme Business Makeover 2.0.   Then you’ll be able to pre-sell the PLR offers that you already have from us. 

So….as you watch this, picture yourself pre-selling one of our PLR offers on your Facebook Live, on your YouTube channel or in your Webinars or when the pandemic is over in your live in-person workshops.