This week, first…today there are two expiring Video PLR offers that we have added our own resources to.  One of them is the consumer business course from Firelaunchers: 

The other is a Business Models Course from Francis:

Sales Funnel Playbook PLR 

I have officially set the date for Thursday for the launch of Sales Funnel Playbook PLR.  This will be part of the Ultimate Insider set of videos. The course will cover how to close up gaps in your funnel as well as showing the set up. I go through great pains to explain the principles because as you know we all use different systems, carts, etc.  So, what’s important isn’t the software or the SAAS. It’s understanding what the software is supposed to do. So marketers are relying on these platforms to think for them and leaving money on the table.   This course that you’re getting will help them. The best way to get it is as an Ultimate Insider.  Because not only will you get that PLR, but you’ll also get: 
1) Webinarloop as long as you are a Member
2) Vidscribe as long as you are a Member
3) CoachZippy as long as you are a Member 

And then something supercool that I will be releasing to the public this week.  Find out about the program here: 

Go here to sign up at the page:

Zoom PLR Videos 

This week, a friend of mine (Sajan) is releasing a project on Zoom.  He will be releasing it tomorrow. I will be adding in my older Zoom Videos (not my 2020 Version). I have already done the machine transcription of these videos, so that if you want to script them out you can use them. 

So, if you pick up the basic version of his course, you’ll get my 20 basic pre-2020 over the shoulder Zoom Videos + the machine transcription. If you pick up his advanced version of the course, you’ll get my 20 advanced pre-2020 over the shoulder videos + the machine transcription. I’ll remind you in my evening newsletter so you can be on the lookout for it.