Naturally, I want you to get all of our PLR video courses.  I really do. And I’d like to see you get them set up.  Again, I really do. And finally, I want to see your build a continuity or membership offer and so become an Ultimate Insider. 

BUT the question I get asked the most is, where are the people going to come from to make the purchase? Does it all have to come from the MMO/Zoo/W+ world? Short term, the answer may be yes. But that’s only if you’re looking for a short term. What about the longer term (beyond 3-6-9 months)? If you’re looking for a business related  audience outside of the MMO world the buyers you’re looking for are likely to start with you having an audience. At this moment in time (it will change for certain), that audience for you is on YouTube. Over the last couple of weeks, I have been reading every single book and taking every course I can get my hands on…on what YouTube and what it means right now. But, it doesn’t make sense to change the rights on our video to devalue them by giving people the right to put them on YouTube. But…to that end I provide you the Slides and Transcripts for you to make your own YouTube videos to generate your own longer term traffic in the form of Video Kits: 



This will make it easy for you to get started creating your own videos to generate your own traffic. 

***Note, if you’re an Ultimate Insider, each of these are 26% off with the Discount Codes Found in your Winter Discount Folder. Go here to sign up as an Ultimate Insider: