The thing that gets in your way in trying to get your idea implemented is roadblock time.  Once you hit the wall, you never know how much time it’s going to take to figure it out and get it resolved. Go to social media and ask the question, right? You get answers all over the board about what to do.  Most of them wrong, or many of the answers are “following.” 

People typically have the same questions you have but don’t know how to answer them. Then go to YouTube, right? At least two of the videos will conflict… So, you burn through hours in a night, and you’ve got NOTHING done…and you’re no closer to figuring out how to get your project off the ground. Or for that matter…what to do. 

You can use our Learning Center as one place to get a reliable answer for your tech marketing issues.  I’ve worked through them, folks, video by video, step by step. 100+ times over… And this library is the SAME one I am marketing in my local area.  When I do a video course, it’s not just “content” to sell.  Nor do I outsource it. These videos are done for real customers, so you can “put your foot on it,” as my old pastor used to say.  So make sure you’ve got access here at a Black Friday price:

The Facebook PLR Closes Its Launch Pricing Tomorrow Night at Midnight 

As you know, the Facebook PLR closes out tomorrow night at midnight EST.  We’ve added in some special resources for you to use to make it into a viable project. Basically, it amounts to a total of 80 Facebook over-the-shoulder videos with Resell Rights. Use them to create a super unique product or challenge. Go here to get them: 

Or go straight to the page here:

This Week – YouTube Live / Next Week – Thinkific 

It took everything in me to finally finish the Learning Center.  This was a year-long project, and it’s now at the point where I can upload videos that will automatically update the Learning Center. 

So, this week, I will be updating our YouTube Live Video course (which needs it) and finishing up Thinkific. Both of these titles will go to our Ultimate Insiders. And both will be included in an upgraded Insider only Learning Center where they can stream and search the new titles we produce. So, if you’ve already got our Learning Center, but you want to stream the 2020 Courses, AND get the new titles to use as PLR, go here: