The hardest thing about pitching your PLR video (whether you rebrand them or not) will be having an audience to hear, read or see your pitch.  For that, you need to build an audience. For that, you need to build consistent content. For that, you want to have at least a front end and then a continuity offer. That’s what we’re helping you to do as an Ultimate Insider, so go here to get what we’re making available to you:

Tonight’s Pitch 

Tonight, we’ll be pitching one of our past PLR products to the Local Meetup that we have. Obviously the upsell will be to get the advanced level inside of the Learning Center that we’ve built. During November, we offered our Learning Center at Black Friday pricing along with other Unlimited PLR.  We are in the process of removing the PLR before we raise the price of the Learning Center. We are moving the learning center into our funnel at $97.  By the beginning of 2021, the final pricing will be $197.  It’s still available now here at $47. Go here to get it:

Three Workshops – Two Free One Paid 

As I have said, the way that I intend to do this on a regular basis is to do the same thing I’ve done with you for years. 

One day a week: Free webinar/live/workshop 
Here I don’t take questions.  This has traditionally been my Tuesday free call.  

Another day a week: Free webinar/live/workshop 
Here I take questions and answer them.  This has been traditionally my Saturday Q and A.  

Another day a week:  Paid Mastermind call 
Here is where I teach a topic to those that pay.   

You can adapt this to your own traffic and selling strategy in your chosen subniche.  You don’t have to do this locally. Also, you’re welcome to attend any of the free calls that I’m doing.  Consider them as training.  Then envision yourself as me and do it the way YOU would do it in your market or niche. If you’re not from Central PA though, I’d ask you not to join the Meetup.  That would throw off my statistics.  You can get the materials, PPTs, videos and transcripts to what I’m doing to save yourself some time when putting your own together by becoming an Ultimate Insider. Go here to do that:

An Easy Offer to Pitch: Social Media Basics 

Aurelius Tjin released a PLR offer where his package teaches social media basics. And believe it or not, it’s not something that’s readily available. Topics like this warm your customer up to teach them about the tools and specific platforms you already have. We’ve assembled a few additional resources for you to use with it. Go here to get it: