Yesterday, we mentioned that we were giving you access to our set of AWeber videos with resell rights when you get Francis’ PLR software.  You’re also getting the advanced videos, when you get any of the upgrades.  They are already in your checkout area, get them here: 

Instead of Black Friday Deals 

If you’re shopping around now for the best deal, you’ve got a lot to choose from.  People are doing deep discounts and piling on a lot of stuff to get you to jump in. That’s good, although in many cases, I’m not sure it’s best for your business. 

Best? Become an Ultimate Insider. Is is monthly?  Yes. Why?  Because, for me to provide you continuity with content in your business, I need to do so month to month. 

Today, I internally launched a Black Friday sale to Insiders, to complete collections going into 2021.  Once you’re inside, you can get the same thing. This will put you on equal footing to Insiders going into 2021 strategically so that you can take advantage of everything that I’ll be putting together. Go here to get signed up: 

Get Personal Coaching – If You Feel you Must Do a Black Friday Deal 

I don’t want to be a Scrooge; with all of the deals, there are some that can be too good to pass by. You’re no doubt seeing Omar’s offer that I told you about this week. You may not have had the chance to attend the webinar. So, I’ll tell you in short, that there is a good sized PLR component inside.  And since this isn’t cheap, if you get it, I’ll spend an hour with you. (I’ll even see if I can drag Laurel away from the girls to get on with me also.) Go here to get the deal:  

Not As Good As the One In Ultimate Insider, But Still Very Deep and Comprehensive 

I will be up front. This Learning Center that I built is good, but isn’t as good as the one within Ultimate Insider. But it’s still huge and helpful to you. And with it, I’ve added in quite a bit of Unlimited PLR. Go here to get it at Black Friday pricing until Monday: