There are 80 additional videos that we’ve added.  40 Facebook over-the-shoulder videos that you get when you pick up Sajan’s PLR.  We’ve added 40 more when you get the upsell.  That totals 80.   One set is on FB Chatbots, the other is on the subject of FB Live…both very relevant. Basically, you could take these videos, add in Sajan’s content, and create something that no one else has.  And with 80 videos, there are so many different combinations, your product will be fully unique regardless of what you do. Go here to get our videos: 

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Tomorrow is Friday 

Actually, tomorrow starts our Black Friday sale…very unusual one this time.   First, we are giving you beta access to our Learning Center of 100 Streaming Video courses, discount codes for 2020 and searchable access to all of the videos.  But we’ll also be giving you access to a big bundle of our personally created content with Unlimited Rights. Go here to see the Learning Center directions: 

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