The additional resources we have given you would be enough if you were to use one video per week to do a series of instruction on List building and Affiliate Marketing. Both are needed together. Candidly, the content you’re getting can be built around the video courses.  And if you think 24 weeks are too long, you could take our resources and do a one video per day (pretty much like we’re doing). You’d have your choice as to what you wanted to sell and when.  You’d definitely need our resources for: 
List building:

Affiliate Marketing

How to Do A Challenge 

We actually did a PLR Video course on how to go about doing a challenge.  If you have it, you’d be able to use it too. The reason is that our resources allow you to sell the PLR rights.  The same thing is true for the video course we did a few months back here:

How to Do A One Video Free Challenge 

You can do a one video per day challenge depending on how you go about it.  You’d have to customize the videos and have a direct purpose. Hopefully, you’re following the series we’ve been doing.  If you have, you can pretty much just do as we’re doing with your own spin and style on it. Go here and subscribe, so you can watch it unfold: 


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