Yesterday, I outlined a path that anyone could understand about where business and technical PLR videos can fit into your business.   You are the expert; your video Learning Center is your Netflix. So, let’s say that you have the videos we put together for the PLR package from Sajan yesterday

Knowing that they explain to people how to add a bitcoin buy button to their page, you can: 
1) Use the content to attract them to an offer where you can show them the rest in your Learning Center, or 
2) Use the content as a attraction point to the Learning Center, where there is more of the same. 

That is simple to understand and something that anyone that develops an audience of any kind can push easily.  Go here to get our videos and the PLR:

The Core to the Business Model – E-Learning Playbook 

If you’ve not yet really grasped what I mean when I use the term “Learning Center” (or “Video Learning Center”), it is a term that I explained live over six sessions. I then edited the content so that you could use it as PLR to teach your students, customers and followers the same concept. Once you get the core concept, you’ll then be able to start deviating and re-making it for your own niche.  But first, you do have to get the concept down:

Daily Training Videos At 8 PM 

Over the last couple of days, I have been releasing training videos to my training channel as well as to the Facebook group.  The videos are released live in both places. The easiest thing to do would be to make sure to book mark my live page on YouTube (if you’re not in the group or you prefer not to be on Facebook). Catch, bookmark and subscribe to our channel here:

Personal Note   

No matter what happens with how the NFL is done this year, I will be paying attention.  Everybody keeps telling me that, now that the Bears have an OK quarterback, we’re going deep deep deep into the playoffs. Pardon me if I’m a skeptic, I have earned the right and I have the (figurative) scars to prove it. Remember the “double-doink”?  If you live in another city and you don’t know what that means, don’t judge me. 

I have given thought, just for fun, to build a site for my Chicago based IM friends for us to do some Bears SEO.  If we were to do that, I’d almost certainly use WordPress. In case you missed it last week, there was a release of WordPress videos with unrestricted rights.  You can still get them here: