The course that we did on Amazon ACX was probably missing two things that our production model didn’t allow us to offer at the time–the slide decks (PowerPoints) that I currently do for the videos we release, and the transcripts. 

We’ve remedied this. My daughter, Lana, has been doing the slides when she comes home on breaks, so I asked her to do this for the Amazon ACX videos. Sydney, who has done transcription in the past, was tasked with the hand edit of the machine transcription.  Laurel put the final slide packages in order. This is for the basic and advanced version of the course and you can get it here:

Building Your Audience 

I had a great conversation yesterday with Becky Auer who will be part of a PLR project we’re doing called The Audience Builder Masterclass. We’ll have a range of people that have built audiences and monetized them. What I like about what Becky shared is that she’s not talking about building a big following over the course of time…then once it’s ready, you monetize. She shared about 5 things you can and should be doing so that you can build it AND monetize at the same time. The best way to get the Audience Builder Masterclass when it’s ready is to make sure you’re an Ultimate Insider.  That way, you’ll get it first in whatever form it takes.   As an Insider, you’ll not only get the Audience Builder Masterclass, but you’ll also get: 
1). The full funnel of one of our Video PLR Titles every month
2). A monthly Q and A
3). First in line VIP priority support
4). License to CoachZippy (as long as licenses are available)
5). License to Vidscribe (as long as licenses are available)
6). License to Lingauscribe (as long as licenses are available)
7). License to Webinarloop (as long as licenses are available)
8). License to Academy Pro (as long as licenses are available)
9.) All of my Local Workshop Materials to use as your own 

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