Today, we are adding in our personally created course to a PLR product being released today on taking Bitcoin to sell your products or access to your Learning Center. The PLR discusses the subject in a general sense, but we’re doing this piece specifically as it relates to you as a marketer. We’re also including the sales pages and e-covers for a course that you can use also.  Go here to see and hear about our package before you go to the page: 

Or, go here to go to the page:  

Personal Note: Brief Demo 

In case you didn’t see my brief demo last night, I was a little more visual with what I meant about selling your PLR products and your Learning Center and taking Bitcoin as payment. I have fallen into the habit of releasing live videos at 8 PM on most days.  The videos can typically be found on my channel and here: 

You can also see and hear them streamed live from the Facebook group here: