My friend, Tiffany, has created a written content package on Clubhouse.  It’s crazy how it’s become the new ‘it’ child.  She’s limiting copies to 50, so you may already be too late on this… go here:

Insider ‘Clubhouse’ 

The other “clubhouse” that I suggest that you become a part of will provide you with the content that you need in order to develop a continuity membership for people interested in building their business. That is the Ultimate Insider “clubhouse.” That’s where you get at least one title of PLR every single month and other perks that I could list but that would take up space in this newsletter. Go here where we explain Ultimate Insiders:

Two Packages I Did You May Have Missed 

If you miss Tiffany’s Clubhouse package, I still have something that you may or may not have seen during the holidays. First, I did a course that will be an update for E-Learning Playbook.  It’s an over-the-shoulder video course, which is untitled and unbranded on Building a Video Membership. I will eventually pull this course and make it part of a larger and more expensive version of E-Learning Playbook.  Go here to get it: 

Another one I recently did was a version of our Amazon ACX Video Set where I turned it into usable text.  This will allow you to do your own version of the videos and put them on your YouTube Channel. Go here to get our video kit: