The title that I have been requested to cover more than once recently has been product creation. So, in looking at my inventory, I see that there is a way to do it with the next release. I’ve not done a straight up IM title with tutorials in quite a while, so that is next.  It’s basically going to be an update of something I did before, so Insider will get this next title as part of their membership. This will be some time next week. Now that the Etsy launch is officially over, there are a few things that I’ve looked at as tools and content for you to be able to resell and use.   

First: Arun’s PLR + Our Video Content 

We’ve put together our own package to help you use this.  Is it a lot of stuff?  No. Is is practical for you if you’re looking to put a video Learning Center together? Yes. If that’s not what you’re doing, you could still click through to the next page and decide you need more “stuff.” 

But if you’re looking to put a Learning Center together with videos, you’ll want to evaluate differently. This is a case where you don’t want to look at your purchase like a consumer, but think about it like a division of your business in charge of procurement to put things together to create profitability. That’s a fancy way of saying go here: 

Second: Aurelius’ PLR Course on Boosting Online Sales 

It’s good to see that we can now get back to some basics in teaching and training.  The discussion these days tends to be about tactics, and all the while, we’re forgetting about the fundamentals. Yesterday, I was a little slow in putting it together for a resource package.  But I’ve got it here for you to see. Get everything here: 

If you’d rather go direct to get the PLR, go here: