On Friday, we will release our video course on Microsoft Teams, which is an innovative system that Microsoft has in order to help you to manage projects.  What is most interesting about it is that you don’t need to have an Office subscription in order to use it. Note though, there is a live streaming service that goes with it.  And for that, you do need to have a subscription. But again…first there is a trial; and second, we’ve determined which one you need in order to see how it works in the advanced version. We’ll have it all ready for you on Friday morning. 

Affiliate Marketing PLR 

By now, you’ve probably already seen the guide that Kevin put together on affiliate marketing. We have resources for you if you intend to use the content or if you plan to sell it. Either way, you’ll be able to beef up what you’re doing to position yourself in your niche to demonstrate and talk about this subject. Get Kevin’s PLR along with our resources here: 

However, if you want to just go straight to the page, go here: 

Where to Catch the Daily Training 

You can catch our live videos in the group or on our YouTube channel at 8 PM EST.  This is when we release videos to you. To watch them on the live channel, make sure you’re subscribed so that you get notification here: 

If you can’t be there live and you want to watch the archive, go here to see all of them: 

Personal Note 

Continuing on the trend of getting my time back under control, I’ve been watching videos (at the suggestion of Laurel) about shutting down all media and screens an hour before bed and then trying to make sure that happens before 10 PM EST. Of course, that means that I should be getting up earlier. And this along with attempting to get more sun every day.   So, I am a bit discombobulated these days.  It’s a good thing that Teams is already done and ready to go.  In fact, Ultimate Insiders should have an email from me so that they can watch the entire course.  If you’ve not seen that email, please hit me in Support and I’ll get you hooked up.