Video Transcription and Translation 

If you are an Ultimate Insider, one of your member benefits is that you get access to Vidscribe which you can use to translate and transcribe your videos. All you need to do is to write me in Support and have me get your account (as long as they’re available). If you’re not yet signed up, there is a tool that you can use to do the same kind of thing.  Go here to get it: 

Coming Up Next Week 

Next week, I will release our StreamYard Videos to the PLR Show Community.  But during the weekend, you’ll have the opportunity to win a free copy. Make sure you’re tuned in to our newsletters throughout the weekend. 

Product Snowball Formula Converts to Xtreme 2.0 

Today, I will convert the Product Snowball Formula Product (PSBF) to Xtreme Business Makeover 2.0.  I will also increase the price. So, if you already have our most recent release of PSBF, you will – by default already have Xtreme 2.0 when it’s released. If you recall the new 2021 Version of Xtreme Business Makeover will be me doing the pre-sell workshops for you.  You’ll then have assets to go do: 
1) Live Webinars
2) In Person Workshops
3) Facebook Lives
4) YouTube Lives 

It’s like an in-person lead magnet where you are walking them over to your sales pages. The reason I am converting Product Snowball Formula is that I will be giving you access to the over-the-shoulder video course for Product Snowball Formula as a bonus for getting started in Xtreme 2.0. If that doesn’t make sense to you, no worries; I will be teaching live on what you can expect from Xtreme 2.0 tonight at 7:30 PM EST on YouTube. If you are an Ultimate Insider, you already have Product Snowball Formula and therefore you’ll get the new Xtreme Business Makeover by default. If you’re not yet signed up as an Ultimate Insider, go here: 

If you want to get it now, before it converts to Xtreme 2.0 at a higher price, go here: 

To be on tonight’s call at 7:30 PM EST, go here: 

To see the last training I did on Xtreme 2.0, go here: