The next title coming up will be Anchor Podcasting PLR On-Screen Videos.  I will be delivering this for August in the next few days for Ultimate Insiders, and will release it mid-September to the public.   I also get that there are marketers that purchase our content not to sell but to learn. 

Phase One of Our Learning Center 

Laurel has just completed the migration of all of our tutorial videos to our host and I will be adding them now to the learning library.  This will give you the option of: 
1) Streaming all of our tutorial videos
2) Searching all of our tutorial videos by keyword 

Stay tuned for the release of this…the product name is TBD.  (Ultimate Insiders will have instant access to this library when it is complete.)  

The Upsell to E-Learning Playbook (Hackathon) 

I have decided to edit the Hackathon Sessions to take out my personal on-screen references.  This will make the content suitable for PLR. If you already purchased the Hackathon, you don’t have to do anything.  I’ll add the edited sessions to the same download page you currently have access to. 

What I will also provide on that page is the Upsell Sales Page and Sales Video for E-Learning Playbook.   So, if you have E-Learning Playbook PLR and you want to use it to teach…you’ll be able to use the Hackathon as the upsell now. (Note*** Ultimate Insiders will also get the PLR Version of the Hackathon as well as all of the additional sales materials). Get the Hackathon here: 

Next Training: Workshop Revolution 

The next step in the Success Path is to build out a workshop funnel to get people to trust you enough to purchase the continuity site you’ve built during E-Learning Playbook and the Hackathon. (This will also be released to Ultimate Insiders at no additional charge.) The goal is for you to start the process, formalize it and build out a consistent workshop to start teaching. As you know, this is what I’ve done personally and have taught for years: Doing a regular workshop. Make sure to get step one, which is the theory (E-Learning Playbook): 

Then, go through the hands on building process here: