The over-the-shoulder PLR video course on creating a video academy is now complete and will be released on Tuesday.  It will be added to the December 2020 Folder for Ultimate Insiders on Monday night or early Tuesday morning. The course is un-branded and untitled which means that you can add it to any course that you want. 

It is a great fit for the E-Learning Playbook and is the first of several upgrades I am doing over the next couple of weeks. This course will only be available for a short period of time because I will be rolling it into E-Learning Playbook at a higher price.  To get it first along with our Mailchimp PLR (December 2020 title) go here to get signed up as an Ultimate Insider:

Redo Our Videos In Your Voice 

Last week, we put something together that you have been asking me to do for quite some time.  That was to release a version of our video content where you have more control. With the coming home of my college students who have worked with me before, Laurel and I figured out how they could help me to do it. The problem with outsourcing something like this is that if the person doesn’t really understand the context for the videos, they may make editorial decisions on the slides as well as the transcripts that don’t make sense. 

My older daughter, Lana, has been creating slides for various projects since she’s been in college so she understands what I want without me having to oversee every little thing.  My younger daughter, Sydney, has actually run my memberships and done my support so she too understands what PLR is and what it needs to be for someone teaching business. The challenge will be trying to get them to do more before they leave.  One is graduating and applying to graduate school and the other is starting the certification process to be a teacher. 

So…this package may be one of a few or one of many. We’ll see. Regardless, you can easily take this content and insert it into whatever you want if you’re teaching people how to create their own audio books. Go here: