Sometimes video tutorials aren’t enough.  I have to bring in some expert content from people who are in the trenches everyday to raise the quality level of your PLR videos. So, I’ve had some conversation with another one of my friends that does some Etsy. They’ve agreed to give you something cool in there to go with the 20 step-by-step videos you’re getting. I did the same thing in Streaming Video Playbook PLR with Ray Lane and Ellen Finkelstein, two supercool knowledgable people. (Ray is in the advanced version.) Go here to get that package:

Francis and Video PLR 

I’ve known Francis for a long time.  His current PLR topic, not so much. The good thing is, I realize I have a pretty sizable PLR package that you can use along with Francis’ PLR. Go here and get it:

The Mystery of IM 

Many of us don’t struggle with getting our offers up and out there.  That part, even if it isn’t easy, is doable (eventually). The question is how do we get people to WANT to come to our pages and stuff. In my interview with Dave Espino, we talked about that. Listen in here on how he’s using LinkedIn to do it:

At Home is Now At Work 

It’s pretty scary sometimes how ahead of the game you and I are in IM.  We are talking about things for months–years, sometimes–and then I see an article in the Wall Street Journal discussing what you and I already know. And the author writes like he or she discovered something.  🙂 

I’ve been joking with people that I’ve been sheltering in place since 2009.  They kind of nervously look at me like, “is he serious?…should I laugh?” But after they get over their puzzlement, they all look wistfully like they wish they could figure out how to start earning from home. You could give them my unrestricted rights videos and the PLR they accompany here. (Make sure you get them before midnight tomorrow night though):