This Friday, I will be releasing the PLR videos on the subject of Anchor.FM.  This is the free podcasting app that will connect your customers to Spotify. The beauty of it is that all they’ll need is their mobile device.  They won’t need lots of fancy equipment.   

But instead of just a basic and advanced course, I will also be including additional content to help you to beef up the courses.

With the basic version: 
1) You will get 20 bonus over the shoulder videos on Canva
2) You will also 20 bonus over the shoulder videos on iTunes 

With the advanced version:
You will get 20 bonus over the shoulder videos on How to Start an Interview Show. 

The best way to get this content is to sign up as an Ultimate Insider.  I did an information session last month for people on a waiting list. It’s still pretty relevant.  Go here to hear it: 

If you want to go straight to the page, go here:

Tonight [Wednesday]: Workshop Revolution Session One 

Do you have a method of building social proof for your offers? If not, one way to get it is to build out a workshop funnel.  The way to do this isn’t just “doing a live.” It is a set up and structure.  It’s one I’ve done myself and am doing in my local market. Make sure you’re signed up to be there at 7 PM EST: