The PLR videos that I just completed last night will be a good fit for the authors and speakers that you have in your audience.  The course goes through the basic process of setting up a workshop to generate leads and to make an offer. I will release the course to Ultimate Insiders late tonight or early tomorrow.   I will release the course to the broader PLR Show community Tuesday morning.  When that course releases, the video course we have on the process of Preparing Videos for Resale will be removed entirely and rolled into a different offer. You can still go here to get it:

To see a Preview of Video #0007 of E-Training Playbook, go here:

To sign up as an Ultimate Insider, go here:

New Written Content

Rather than try to keep up with specific links for Tiffany’s limited time content, I have placed the direct links on one page. These will change from time to time. When you click a link that says “invalid link” that is because the product is sold out. I will try to make sure that they stay active, but there will be times when I won’t have them switched out. Go here to check the most recent content: