Today, Kevin Fahey released a written guide on Affiliate Marketing which we added some resources to fully help you leverage it: 
1) Our 17-Part course on Affiliate Marketing
2) A Full Workshop that you can use to presell the course
3) An 8-Part Video course with Full PLR Rights on Affiliate Marketing 

So, basically with our entire package, you can: 
1) Use the written content to attract people
2) Use our workshop do to your own webinar or workshop to presell the course
3) Sell the 17 part course from the webinar
4) Sell your learning center as your Upsell with the additional video course
5) Sell your 8 part course as a downsell if they choose not to take you up on your membership offer.

To get the entire package go here: 

If you want to skip the page where I explain our additional resources, go here:

The Coming of Teams 

In three days, we’ll be releasing the PLR Videos titled, “Connect Effectively with Teams” to you (if you’ve not yet become an Ultimate Insider).  Be on the lookout for a preview as well as an opportunity to get your hands on one of the videos before hand to train your people. 

Getting Plugged In To PLR Training 

There are several ways to get plugged in to our PLR training.  In particular, if you’re looking for what we’ve done most recently, you can access it in the Facebook Group. Every night at 8 PM, we stream training live there. We also stream to our Live YouTube page, which you can access here every night at 8 PM EST: 

If you’d rather just catch the archives, you can do that here: