One reason I have been pushing you to get Tiffany Lambert’s new PLR along with our bonus is that it’s now time, right now, to develop your beginning of year program for 2021. It must be for sale between Black Friday and the New Year at a big discount. 

Don’t you hate when you get to December and you don’t have your unique program ready to go for the new year? If you want to have one, you have to start making it ready today. And you can use Tiffany’s content along with ours as part of the formation so that come November, you can talk it up; in December, you can sell it; and January, you can deliver it.  Go here to get our content + hers to start putting your big workshop program together: 

You can also go straight to the Page and get it here:

Softer Issues in Your Workshops 

As you begin to teach people on a regular basis, you will find that you can’t always just do straight tech marketing in your workshops. At some points, you have to be able to give people’s brain a break and let them draw some conclusions. This means telling them why a particular technology will help them. 

Yusaun and Cally’s content can do that in this case. They have a package on Decision Making and I’ve included videos you can use on the subject to compliment it. Go here to get their PLR and our content with it:

2020 for the Harpers 

I had a great conversation yesterday with Quincy during his Insider onboarding call.  It’s always great to hear what marketers are doing. In many cases, it isn’t even about my “advice,” so to speak. What I find is that by asking Insiders what their plans are, they say out loud to themselves what they need to do next. Doctor, heal thyself. 

I like doing this with Insiders because I had the same experience.  I talked to my own ‘doctor/coach’ and said out loud what Laurel and I needed to do.  I literally ‘healed’ myself by writing and saying it out loud. And we’ve spent quite a bit of time and money this year trying to make that happen, most of which is deep in process.   

You may have been introduced to us through the videos we created while with PLR Experts, a brand that I am no longer with even though my name is still on pages where content is being sold. Yes, I created the videos for it in 2018 and 2019, but as you know, that content must now be redone over the next 2-3 years, and I have mentally committed myself to do it.  At the same time, the pandemic caused me to create new video PLR titles that you can use to teach people new skills.   

If you’ve recently met me, one of the revamped titles this year was the guiding philosophy set forth for video PLR users.  It’s called E-Learning Playbook.  It’s an evergreen philosophy. It’s one that you can do and teach to your people (and yes…you should be teaching this). When 2021 comes and people start attending your workshops, they should be put immediately into your Learning Center. Go here to get it: