This is actually a phrase you may recognize that I stole (and reversed) from Michael Jordan that he would routinely use when he would verbally harass his defenders.  And it fits perfectly with what I do for you. 

Basically, in our videos, I do the teaching so you can do the reaching. To that end, there are two PLR bundles that both are and have been released that I am going to give you access to some of the PLR I have created to use as if it were you so that you can reach more people. 

One: How to Turn PLR Into Animated Video (retired course NLA)

I have a course that I called Animation Jumpstart that I’ve now retired.  Typical of me when I first started, I sold it as how to do animated video. When really it was a “how to use PLR” process…smh. So, it never really sold that well because I didn’t understand what I really had. 

But the process is solid. It’s a great instructional method that you can use to teach your customers and students how to transform their PLR into animated video.  (And yes, it’s quite timeless….it’s principle based).   You’ll need to get Arun’s PLR at 10 AM, and it will be in the checkout area for you. Also there will be a second video course you get with full PLR rights on rebranding PLR videos.  Go here at 10:00 AM EST:

Two: PLR That I Completely Missed, but I’ll Make Up for It With Some Unique Training 

My colleague, Aurelius, recently released a PLR package on boosting your online sales. I was so busy with the Etsy launch that I flubbed seeing it.   So, what I’ve decided to do is to add in two PLR presentations on the Zoo/+ market that you’ll get unlimited PLR rights to. 
1.) The MMO Niche Explained
2.) The MMO Business Model 

If you go on to get the advanced version of his package, I’ll also give you PLR rights to training that I did on the subject of Alternative Funnels.

Both of these concepts are timeless.  You’ll see that when you go through it.  You can and should be coaching your customers on these things before they step foot into the Zoo/+ market.  Otherwise, they might freak out, even though you’re teaching them all of the right things.  Get these two bundles here:

Ultimate Insiders Monthly Meeting is Tonight at 7 PM EST 

Please check your inbox at noon today. I will be sending the invitation to today’s Ultimate Insider Monthly meeting. I will go over the new member area with you and walk you through how to access things going forward. I’ll also show you the new community that we will be trial-ing for the next 90 days. 

If you don’t get this e-mail by noon-ish, please contact me in Support and I’ll see to it that you get the link. If you’ve already accessed the member area, you can get the link there also. If you want to sign up for Ultimate Insiders, membership is currently closed to the public, but we do have a waitlist.  I’ll contact you first here when we re-open:

Price Increase on Etsy PLR Videos

I recently did the first price increase of the Etsy videos on the basic version. However, I’ve not yet done the pricing increase for the advanced version, which I will be doing tonight at 1:00 AM EST. If you already have the Etsy package, the easiest way to find the advanced version link is to get it from the download page. Go here to get it: