The PLR being released today is about being an Influencer.  This is something that people in the public talk about…In fact, I just wrote in my Sunday night email how wary I am of the socials. 

I recognize, though, that business content is business content and that the subject can’t always be just about me and what I believe.  And, candidly, you may have as deep a belief in how beneficial it is as I have skepticism about it. 

But I do believe in training. And even if you used the content to attract people to your training so that you can teach them the right (my) way, that too makes sense rather than ignoring it all together.   So, I put together a set of resources to go with the PLR.  Get it all here:

In Two Days, Etsy Cometh 

Yesterday, I completed the videos for Etsy.  And I am pretty excited to be able to bring these videos to you. I will be exploring this platform personally this year.  I think there is room for us Info-marketers there. 

Also, at 2 PM EST today, I have a call I’m doing with Bart Hennin.  We’re going to be recording a call for you to discuss strategies that you and your customers will be able to use to build different kinds of income on Etsy. That will be part of the package that you’ll get rights to. (Note: Ultimate Insiders will have this content added to the site so that you won’t have to purchase it.) When Wednesday comes, our “new” link will changeover.  Go here now to get our most recent PLR video course:

Personal Note: LinkedIn Peeps 

I was really happy to–and selfishly looking to–talk to David because I wanted to find some ways to think about how to use LinkedIn to get people to a workshop I want to do for local people. Because I spend so much time online, I don’t know the offline local business community all that well. Central PA is the kind of place where if they don’t know you or your Momma, they may be nice but not too welcoming.  So my circle after all these years isn’t that wide, since I didn’t grow up here. I therefore intend to use some of the strategies Dave discusses about LinkedIn here.  He has a guide that people are finding to be helpful:

Francis and Forex 

The new me has decided not to be so “cute” and just say what the PLR is.  I think I was a little worried that if I wrote Forex that it would go to spam. Well, that could be true. But I am going to hope that eventually the newsletter I’m writing is worth reading enough that you’ll start looking at 9 AM and 6:45 PM EST…and if you don’t see it, you’ll fish it out of the filter. Our you could just whitelist it…I digress. 

Francis Ochoco released a PLR course that I have a pretty extensive set of 21 videos on the exact subject.  Check it out here and get it: