This week, we brought back our missing group of videos showing you how to add in a Bitcoin buy button to your product offers.  You could use the training whether you’re selling digital or physical products.  And it’s a good tie in to the PLR whose launch pricing expires today here: 

You can watch a training that I did on the subject here:  

Teams Is Coming Up Next 

Our next release is coming up next for you on Friday on Microsoft Teams.  And I have to say that if I were a drinking man, this one would have taken me there. Thursday night, I spent 3 hours between support and three different logins, support forums, and still only managed to stumble on to the right answer to a great many problems. But this is good because neither you nor your students will have to go through this.   

I’d be remiss though if I assumed that you didn’t get our last release on Zoom.  Have you seen it yet?  Go here if not:  

Personal Note    

I was getting antsy about getting designs for Teachable this Friday.  But who knew that Microsoft Teams would be this much for me to complete. Thing is that it’s a really cool platform with some useful features whether you use Office or not. 

In fact, you don’t need a functional subscription to Office to make the most of Teams.  And I will be showing you and your people how to do it. Using Teams as a streaming platform required its own separate course.  It’s the only one that I didn’t cover in Streaming Video Playbook. If you’re: 
1) Not an Ultimate Insider or
2) You didn’t get it when it was released, …you can still get it here: