The launch pricing ends for the Affiliate Marketing PLR videos that I told you about this week at midnight.  I heard about this late…hence the fast deadline. I’ve put together some resources for you to use (over-the-shoulder videos) which you can get here:

Tiffany’s Latest 

Today, Tiffany is doing a Business Related Personal Development title.  I think it can be helpful to you to attract people into your marketing funnel and your Learning Center.  Written content doesn’t need to go inside of your academy per se, but in terms of engagement and blog content, you do need to have something that speaks to what you’re about. And if you don’t have time to write it, you can rely on the research that Tiffany does.  She does it herself…so I trust it, and so do you.  Go here to get her latest:

Recent on Influencer Marketing 

Yesterday, when I first told you about the Influencer Marketing PLR package, I didn’t give you a sense for what I was adding in. I may have been in a rush to get our newsletter out.  I have been in catch-up mode ever since getting back to work. Go here to get our additional resources:

Upgrades to Current Training and Level Two Titles 

I am upgrading E-Learning Playbook with a set of over-the-shoulder videos this week.  This is the update that I promised earlier in the month, but had to scrap due to my overtaxed gallbladder. The videos will be usable as a standalone course, but will also be a great addition to the original course. I will be detailing the process, in step-by-step, over-the-shoulder tutorials on building out a video membership. So, if you’re teaching this, this will help you. And if the theory portion of E-Learning Playbook wasn’t your learning style, you’ll be able to take these videos to walk through the entire process. The upgrade videos will be free to Ultimate Insiders and available to the entire PLR Show community.