Earlier in the pandemic, I decided to take a live series, finish it, and edit for PLR. It’s 30 short dynamically taught live sessions that you can use to teach other people how to build an audience to re-make and save their video content. Or you can go through it yourself. 

Here is the difference between this and regular PLR.  I did this with the real intention that people would do as I suggest and not just to “create content” or “create a course.” Truth is, that is the case with all of my courses. They’re made to be taken. So, use this yourself, or to teach, or both: 

8 PM EST Tonight…More Training 

I am releasing a streaming training into the group as well as on my live page.  In some cases, the video you see will be a course I am working on. In other cases, it will be video that I am giving you access to. And yet in others, it will be Insider training that I choose to release.  Either way, you can build up your Learning Center by turning in every day as we discuss more ways for you to build out your continuity income.   If you’d rather not join the Facebook Group, you can watch here in my live page and YouTube Channel: 

Tomorrow – WordPress Launch Pricing Expires 

Tomorrow night at midnight EST, the WordPress PLR course’s launch pricing will expire.  I’m not sure what the front end pricing will go to, but it’s likely that the back end pricing will change. I’ve decided to do something a little different and remove my bonus set when the launch closes. That means that the resource package will no longer be available after the close.  So, please make sure that if you’ve already purchased that you bookmark the additional resources page. Go here to get WordPress PLR: