Before I tell you about our new level 2 PLR courses, I want to remind you about our additional resource for the Webinar Mastery PLR package.  If you recall, we’ve added in two sets of videos, one on Twilio and another on GoToWebinar. Go here to get them: 

To go direct to their page, go here:  

Our New Level 2 PLR Video Courses 

This week, we will provide an upgrade to E-Learning Playbook.  That means that we’ll be giving the original content its own set of over-the-shoulder videos. We’re doing this to convert E-Learning Playbook into one of our new level 2 PLR courses. Ultimate Insiders will get this upgrade at no additional charge inside of the December 2020 content folder.  

What are our new Level 2 PLR Video Courses?   

Level 2 Video PLR courses will give you: 
1) A 2-4 Part Live Workshop to Teach or Use as a Training (Lead) Magnet
2) An Over-the-Shoulder Video Course to Sell 

This will give you the ability to charge more for these courses by giving people a live component where you will be able to use my voice or redo it yourself (we will provide you my recording, my slides and machine transcription). 

And note, whenever I record a live workshop session and give you the videos, they’re recorded without personal references.  So you won’t have to edit out my content.  That means that if you wanted to do so, you could use the live videos you get as part of that PLR package as your own as is and out of the box without having to do any video editing.  

How You’ll Profitably Implement and Earn More with Level II PLR Video Courses 

You will see now see multiple places in our level 1 courses for you to get your customers interested the (more expensive) level 2 courses.  Level 1 courses are the ones you see on our Home Page right now such as: 
1) Zoom
2) Etsy
3) Teachable
4) Thinkific
5) Microsoft Teams 

These level 1 courses can and will now direct people to get your level 2 courses. And we’ll make it natural so that they know that they need the higher level course. For example, our Teachable (level 1 course) has a video process in the advanced course that teaches about building a Learning Center.  Building a Learning Center is a level 2 concept in E-Learning Playbook. 

Another example…our Etsy (level 1) course has concepts in the advanced course that we’ll be doing on our upcoming Print on Demand Playbook course (level 2). You’ll also see this in the advanced version of our Thinkific Video (level 1) PLR video course.  In it, we specifically reference Strategic Marketing (upcoming level 2 Video PLR course).  

So, in sum…level 1 courses will give you opportunities to sell a more expensive level 2 course. Level 2 concept courses will give you opportunities to sell multiple level 1 courses.  Here are our planned level 2 courses: 
1.) Strategic Marketing Playbook
2.) Print on Demand Playbook
3.) The PLR Playbook
4.) E-Training Playbook
5.) The Live Podcast Playbook 

I recently did the training on these concepts in the Last Ultimate Insider Meeting.  I will find the time to take an excerpt for you to see and watch.  Hopefully, I’ll have it in time for our evening newsletter.