The time has come for us to own our media and to be our own school.  If you’re not teaching, you may be making sales, but you’re probably attracting customers that will neither be loyal nor willing to buy your premium products or your high ticket coaching. 

The starting point is to build out your video learning center as I talked about in E-Learning Playbook.  And by the way, that course was made to be PLR because you should also be teaching your customers to do the same thing. 

Regardless of what you sell, you should also have and/or be a school.  There are 4 things that you can do today to build out your learning center:

1) Our Most Recent Video PLR Course 

As you know, we most recently released Zoom PLR to you as we have been promising.  This is a 23 video course, with 3 bonus videos for you to use along with them (for a total of 26). And basically, we spent the time covering parts of the platform that we didn’t cover when I was just getting acquainted with it. 

Now that I’ve had a year under my belt and done some livestreaming, I’m confident this course will put your people on the right track whether you’re using it to learn more about Zoom or teach. Go here to get Zoom Video PLR:

2) Become an Ultimate Insider 

As an Ultimate Insider, you’re getting access to our content as it is released and sometimes even before.  You get: 
1) One Full Funnel Every Month
2) Any Updates That We Do (Zoom is considered an Update)
3) Priority Support
4) Access to our PLR Training Center

And right now, as long as there are licenses available, we are giving you access to: 
1) A Cloud Based Learning Center Platform for as long as you remain a member 
2) A Translation and Transcription Application for as as long as you remain a member 

To get signed up go here:

3) Get Subject Related Business Video PLR Content 

Today there is a Video content product being released that you can use to build out your video learning center.  These are subjects that you can use to supplement your content. As I have said, when you’re truly building it the way that we have suggested in E-Learning Playbook the voices are incidental.  You don’t have to worry about re-doing it in your own voice. Go here to get today’s video release:

4) Personalize and Master the Netflix Model From E-Learning Playbook 

I don’t believe in get rich quick business models.  I believe that everybody reading this email can build an audience and give them vital tools and information and expect to be paid for them. There are no shortcuts to that.   But there are short roads around it and eventually, you will be right back at the point that you need to have: 
1) People that trust you to sell to, and
2) Some way of selling with continuity 

If you don’t you will be on the hamster wheel of IM. The moment you realize that what you’re trying to do in IM is build an audience and continuity, your perspective will truly change.  When you start acting on that realization, you will all of a sudden know what you should and shouldn’t be buying as well as who you should be listening to. Until then you’ll be all over the place. ‘Ax’ me how I know…. 

But I lay this out AND give you PLR rights to this business model.  Because while I believe you should be doing it, I also think you should be teaching it to your students and customers too. Get it here:

Personal Note   

We didn’t have time to do a Mother’s Day dinner last night so we will be doing it tonight.  Hopefully, we’ll also be doing “The Last Dance” as we missed it last night. Watching the hype over this is interesting… I bet they didn’t know that when they captured this footage that this content would hit during a pandemic. 

Which means more people than ever, starved for sports…professional basketball in particular would be ready to zero in on it. But that’s the game–they created the content and released it at a time when a bad circumstance happened and it turned out to be good for them. 

You and I play the same game.  We are information marketers. We’re a school, a television station, newspaper and radio station in one little skin. Do what I did.  Stop and admit that to yourself.  That’s who you are and that’s what you do.  Then get busy about the business. There is no shortcut. 

We must be prolific and consistent (like ESPN) with our content and our products and every so often, we’ll be in the right place at the right time and magic will happen. We do this instead of trying to game the system to figure out how to find the super hot new niche trend before anyone else.  That will (and probably already has) drain the life out of you. No, we play the game on our terms and keep steadily working to find and build the audience. There really are no shortcuts.