There have been two things that people asked me to do when I was with PLR Experts.  One was to offer transcripts of the entire video course–basic and advanced–as well as the slides that I have been doing in 2020. So, I have completed that process for you this week for the Amazon ACX Audiobook Creation Course. 

The transcripts have been human edited for 100% accuracy to the videos.  The screenshots, done chronologically and contextually, have been turned into PowerPoints. This will allow you to do the second thing that you’ve been asking me to do, and that is to create content for your YouTube channels. So, I’m giving you permission to do so with this content.  However, you cannot use the scripts as-is when that is the case. 

I’m also adding in the lead magnet video, lead magnet PowerPoint script, and lead magnet machine transcription (97% accuracy). As an added bonus, I will give you personal use rights…on request access to the Amazon ACX course in Teachable for you to stream from your account on mobile and/or desktop. (Ultimate Insiders: Please check your December 2020 Folder for your 25% discount code to use at check out.) 

Go here to get our first Video Kit for Amazon ACX: 

Or become an Ultimate Insider to get 25%+ off this and everything that I’ve done in 2020 here:

Don’t Forget Our Mailchimp PLR Videos 

This week we released a set of videos on the subject of Mailchimp.  These videos are the updated interface and also explain some of the new features they’ve added, such as landing pages and a website builder. They also have a simplified version of their automations that you will want to explain to your tribe about. Go here to get the content:

New Content From Tiffany Lambert 

Tiffany has been releasing some limited edition content over the last couple of weeks.  I do what I can to keep the links updated before she makes it unavailable or sells it out. She has another release today from what I understand, so I’ve swapped out the page she has into the link I’ve been using for her. Go here to get it: