The first time I did Zoom PLR, I focused on what I call the super basics.  How to access from the mobile and the cloud account were majors. 

This time though, I am what I would call a power user.  So I focused on the controls inside of the client. I’ve also included in both the Basic and Advanced courses videos that you can give to the people attending the meeting or webinars.  (Or your customer can give these videos to their webinar attendees.) This way, you’ll have something that will show them what they can expect from being on a call with you…that’s a little sump’m sump’m I’m adding in this time around. 

Remember, if you’re an active Ultimate Insider, I’ll be adding this to your member area on Saturday… Go here to get in: 


TikTok Marketing Content 

I admit I’m not on TikTok.  But I do know just enough to be dangerous.  And if pressed, I could put together a resource for anyone that wanted to know what they can and should be doing. 

The truth is that some of your customers don’t need to go near TikTok. And it will be a huge distraction for them. But you know what?  They won’t believe you until they discover for themselves what the facts are. They’ll believe an objective source before they just believe and take your word for it. 

So, this may be something that you can pass on to your customer to save them grief going into a social network because they hear “everybody is there.” And you and I know, it probably won’t work for them and their market. Get content to share with those kinds of people with our resources on what a good social strategy policy IS. 


A Chat With One of Our Insiders 

I had a chat today via Support with one of our Insiders.  He’s a voiceover talent that I hope to be able to share with our members as well as the wider community once I have more conversation with him. But I digress… 

We were talking about re-voicing my videos. And I have a counter to this, even with him as a voiceover guy and even though he sounds way better than me. In fact, that is precisely the reason that he should NOT be re-voicing my videos.  Here is what he should be doing instead with this (and all of the other PLR he has): 


Personal Note  

I have a decision to make today.  I was talking to Laurel about getting a higher priced program. Whether by accident or providence, I’ve done well when I’ve spent more for programs. I haven’t done it a lot, but when I’ve done it, it turned out to be the right thing later in my life and business.  (Meaning I end up going back to these programs later in life). 

I think about that same thing when it comes to the additions (and upcoming price increases) I make to our Ultimate Insiders.  Sure, I could charge less, but that would cheapen what we offer. And I’ll give you a hint as to what’s coming. Eventually that will be the only way you’ll be able to get our videos with rights. It is our hope to stop launching at some point in the not so distant future. You can get in on the ground floor before the pricing goes to where it should be to get our videos. 



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