This week, I’ve decided to provide a little training via a course that I never sold.  Some of you may have received this as a bonus, and some of you have not. I’ve taken a look at some of it and, yes, it does need an update and will get one soon. That said, the theory part is still pretty solid.  So, the live videos we do will show that course for the next few weeks, starting tomorrow. Make sure to check it out in the group and on our training channels.  

Daily Videos Over the Last Couple of Days 

On Monday and Tuesday, you actually saw two of the videos that I am giving you as a bonus (they are part of a course).  They’re on the subject of Affiliate Marketing. You’ll get these videos along with a workshop script that I did in my local area. Go here to get our content along with Kevin’s 

If you want to skip finding out about our resources to go straight to the PLR, go here:

Two Titles That Don’t Go Out of Style 

We have two basic titles that never go out of style.  One of them is the sum total of all of our teaching over the years. It’s all about the way you should be thinking about your videos without thinking about changing them from your voice to mine. This is what we were moving toward, even though we didn’t know it.  If you’ve not seen it yet, go here: 

The other title really doesn’t need an introduction.  And it’s something that if you teach your people how to do…you’re basically assuming authority and getting the benefit every time somebody else does a summit. This is based on my personal experience of doing summits.   Go here to get the content: