The next package in line will be Microsoft Teams.  I will have an exact date for you as soon as I hear from our supercool designer guy.  Please note that if you are an Ultimate Insider, this is considered to be a Full Funnel for you for the Month of May. Also, this will be the last month of the ‘grandfather’ clause where you’ll have access to everything. 

Starting June 1st, when you become an Insider on or after this date, you’ll only have access to video PLR content produced in June or later. This is also when the price will increase from $27 to $37. But no worries; if you sign up on or after June 1st, you’ll still get access to: 
1) One Promotional Interview of 15 minutes
2) One Onboarding Call of 15 minutes so that we can know your business
3) Priority Ask Me Anything Support
4) One Monthly Q and A Call
5) 20% Discount on New Titles Not in the Membership 

And IF there are licenses left, you’ll get these bonuses: 
1) Access to a Cloud Based Learning Center Platform
2) Access to a Desktop Translation and Transcription App 

We are going to be a catalyst in your journey to continuity income or consistently happy and educated consulting clients.  Go here to get signed up:  

Two (2) Learning Center Related Software Demos This Weekend 

I will be doing two software related demos this weekend. One of them that I’m looking at may make it easier for you to convert some of your PLR pages. The other I’m looking at as an alternative place to house the embed links for your content. I will have one of those demos available for you in my evening newsletter.  

Video Hosting for Your Learning Center 

As you know, I am looking at video hosting now and the options are relatively small for what it is you’re doing if you’re going to use our videos and make them available at all times. 

Vimeo will start with an upfront cost of $240, but it’s really probably more realistic that you’d take the deal they offer you at check out for $399 annually.  This will give you more than enough room to grow. 

I am now testing a video host inside of Ultimate Insider called Searchie.  This is what allows me to give you a keyword based search of our PLR Training.   However, the ‘price-y’ is spicy at $200 monthly. 

So, I have continually recommended the deal presented by the folks at Kaptiwa, if you’re not doing anything super complicated.  To get the best deal they have, use the coupon codes here: 
For the Starter Plan Use: “jvzsplstart” for 67% OFF
For the Commercial Plan Use: “jvzsplpro” for 67% OFF