Today, there is a checklist being released for offline and local trainers.  You could use this content to train: 
1.) Local businesses
2.) Individuals that want to consult 

We’ve put together videos that you can use along with the content, as well as assembling some of our personally created content. Get it all here:

Who the Best Marketers Are  

If you want to think outside of the box, you need to be watching people other than IMers.  After a while, we tend to start to think the same, have the same limitations, and think inside of the same box. We tend to form our own little marketer ‘ghetto.’ But if you want to see who tends to be doing different (not necessarily better) kinds of things, you need to watch televangelists. Here’s a hint.  The reason that many of these dudes (and dude-ettes) are filthy filthy rich isn’t always because of their TV pitching. It’s really because they sell waaaaay more information and courses than you or your customers.

You don’t have to be a Christian like I am to see this.  Just take a look–watch. Take note of how much information is being sold. It may shock you. For example, my idea to do my first Summit came from Willow Creek Church, NOT from IMers.  And I could give you tons of other examples of how televangelists are ahead of the curve doing things that don’t hit our IM world until years later. So, when you get our Summit PLR, you’re not just teaching an IM course.  You’re teaching summit doing from a unique perspective married to the IM world. So make sure you get it here:

Sell Them What They Want and Give Them What They Need 

I recently heard this said in an old Dan Kennedy recording.  And apparently it was a well known concept in his circles and maybe even elsewhere. The point is that people typically will not buy what they need. That’s a problem when you’re serious minded and you want to help people. Unfortunately, you’ll never get the chance if you don’t get them inside of your marketing funnel. To that end, I must confess I’m not into being an internet philosopher with memes.  But lots of other people are. Should you NOT sell to these people?

If you ever want to give them what they need, you may have to sell them what they want. Then, you’ll get the chance to sell them what they need. Go get this to get started:


You’re getting hit with various kinds of pitches and promotions regarding Arun’s PLR. That said, if you’re building out a Learning Center with your videos, we’re giving you content toward that end. If you’re not, there are actually better bonuses elsewhere. Get our videos + Arun’s content here and you’ll see it will go a long way toward helping you build out your learning center. Go here to get it:


I used to joke around that the reason that Aurelius sells so much PLR is because he’s a good looking dude. But that wasn’t a very cool thing to say or think. I now recognize that was a backhand slap against his content which is actually accurate and timely.

So, I’ve recently been looking to see what I could add to his content because it too can be quite helpful depending on what kind of Learning Center you build. The main thing is that his content can be used for breadcrumbs to lead people into your marketing funnel.  And we’ve given you content to go with it boost this very important fundamental subject. Go here to get it: