The thing that the “experts” are hitting your inbox with these days is virtual events. You and I are way ahead of that. And so, instead of going to yet another webinar about how to do it, I say, just get our Virtual Summit PLR and teach it yourself. Get it here:

I See There is Discussion on Sustaining Some Kind of Income Online 

Again, something I’ve covered and you can teach.  Most of the plans on this are so complicated that people end up giving up before they really get going. Look, if you’ve got video PLR (and if you’re reading this, you probably do) you should be teaching what I gave you in E-Learning Playbook. Very easy to understand. Will it take hard work?  Yes. But will you have to wonder about whether Facebook or YouTube or whoever wants to shut you down or cancel you? Nope, not if you do (and/or teach your customers) to to this:

Personal Note   

So, Governor Wolf here in PA has moved my county to “the green.” This means we can start going to businesses again. But you know what? People aren’t really all that anxious to go anywhere. My neighbor says he really isn’t pressed to go out and about until 2021. I don’t know about all of that. 

But there are people that have had a taste of being at home and want to stay.  But they’ve need some “creative ideas” of what to do. If you combine our additional resources with the “at home” package, there is plenty to go and teach people.  Go here to get it:

Get People to Your Workshop 

If you saw my workshop with Dave, I asked him whether I could use LinkedIn to get local people to an online workshop. Interesting question, if I say so myself. He seemed to think that if I learned how to do what he’s teaching, that I could. You should listen to the entire thing yourself, though.  Go here and do it. There’s a guide and resources we’ve added to it: