Quick Note**: Coming this Fall 2020, I have decided to do a Learning Center Hackathon.  We will just build out a Learning cCenter on different platforms on a regular basis.  Write back to let me know what platforms you want me to cover. 

Podcast PLR and Raiders of the Lost Ark 

There is a line near the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark, where the German Colonel tells the pirate Captain Katanga: “You are in no position to bargain for anything.  Ve vill take vat ve wish (we will take what we wish) and zen decide whether to blow your ship from the water.” 

When you teach your customers NOT to own the media they create, they will be in no position to bargain when Facebook or YouTube or IG or TikTok or whoever decide they don’t like the content and close their account without warning. And YES…it happens to IMers every day. All of those mediums are fine as long as you create it and own it and then upload it. 

Easiest thing to do or teach your students and customers? Start a podcast. That’s why I decided to create a presentation that you can use to creatively teach them how to promote their podcast and monetize their podcast.  The two questions you’ll get the most about it. I’ll give you the rights to the presentations as well as 5 audio case studies to use along with it.  Go here to get it: 

Local Marketers and Content Creation 

This goes doubly for the businesses you see in your local area.  For a while people were saying, “you don’t need a website anymore; all you need is a Facebook page.” Horrible advice, good gracious. I’m thinking that any local guy or lady that starts a podcast can and should get more exposure.  It almost has to happen. But they need a place to share that content. 

My friend Nick has a blogging platform where you can sell the theme and written content to local business owners.  If they were to do a podcast, they’d need one of these too: 

The Learning Center Hackathon 

The Learning Center Hackathon is in development.  Basically what I’d like to do is to discuss the building and marketing of a Learning Center on a fairly regular basis. It may be for Ultimate Insiders only, or I may open it up to everyone in general. I want it to be comprehensive. 

For example, someone mentioned Everlesson to me today which I don’t own yet, but I may get so that I can cover this. And do that along with Teachable, Thinkific and Learn Dash. Some of this, I’d like to add on to E-Learning Playbook…in particular the traffic and marketing part.  That would be the sequel which I would like to add in. 

If you’ve not yet explored E-Learning Playbook AND you have the question of “what am I going to do with my Video PLR,” then you need to get this.   At minimum, you should be teaching this to your customers. Go here to get it: